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Home Design Tips for Your Gainesville Remodel

In-Progress Home Remodel

It seems like the turn of each year brings a stirring within many homeowners to strive for a more beautiful house interior, whatever that personally means to each person. If you find yourself salivating over the latest designer decor on HGTV (we’re guilty too), then let’s talk about what you need to know about the 7 elements of interior design (space, lines, pattern, shape, color, light, texture—in no particular order) and how they play into this year’s design tips for your Gainesville remodeling project.

1. Gravitate Toward Earth Tones

Let’s talk about color and light first. One important trend to note for this year is that people want to feel closer to the earth, so those colors are going up on their walls now. The bright white walls of yesteryear are giving way to softer, sunnier, earthier, peachier, and creamier colors that breathe warmth into a room. Gray is also fading in popularity as it’s considered too “cold”, even here in Gainesville, where the weather is usually quite warm. These warmer colors bring more light, yet also cut down on the glare of bright white, so they bring a friendlier, cozier feeling. Consider sunnier shades from the desert, citrus, terracotta, marigolds, and greens as you upgrade your decoration designs for the year.


2. Get Inspiration from Nature

Moving from light and color to patterns and textures, we aren’t actually moving that far. If you’re wondering how to decorate house elements this year, look no further than nature itself. Here in Florida, this has long been a way of thinking, so it won’t be a stretch for many. People are even painting walls or using new wallpaper with bold nature patterns including florals, foliage, space, animal prints, and clouds. Speaking of texture, there’s nothing like adding more houseplants to clear the air and add visual interest at the same time. Large, vintage, ceramic planters that look like they came from ancient and exotic locales are also very “in” as they enhance that “timeless” feeling that never goes out of style in any remodeling project.


3. Relax into Curved Furniture Shapes

This year, the lines and shapes for furniture and other design elements are soft, round curves. Straight, geometric, angular lines are too harsh in a world that’s already harsh enough. Therefore, many homeowners are seeking furniture and decorations that speak to our need for softness, peace, and comfort. Invite this curved-shaped element into your remodeling with soft, rounded chairs, sofas, divans, and other areas of your home. Even in the bathroom, focus on soft curves with round mirrors, round planters, natural stone elements, and more. In bedrooms and living rooms, it’s easy to get that soft, round feeling with cozy, cushy, boho-style elements, textiles, and textures.



4. Update the Farmhouse

If you’ve been a proponent of farmhouse décor for the last few years (like a lot of people), this is an area where you might want to upgrade this year. The faded shiplap and bright neutrals are starting to look dated and dull. If you still like the look but want to upgrade it, you can add bolder color elements, more nature-inspired decorations, and design elements from different time periods. As people spend more time at home, there is this pull toward bolder, brighter colors, a larger variety of design elements that complement one another, even if they come from different eras.


5. Try Deep, Rich Jewel Tones

By now, it should be apparent that bolder, more intentional use of color is the design “yes” right now. If you aren’t enamored of earth tones, but you still feel like you need more color in your home, jewel tones are making a big comeback in many rooms of the house, especially bedrooms. Consider sapphire or navy blue, blue topaz, cranberry, rose or apricot, rich raspberry or emerald green. These shades look great in libraries, home offices, and even bathrooms. If you aren’t into the darker, richer shades, you can always pick one and lighten it up into something like pistachio or mint green or lighter blues like periwinkle, which happens to be another “it” color for the year.


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If you are looking for inspiration and ideas for updating your home design this year, take a look through our design gallery and imagine the possibilities for your home. We are always excited to hear about your ideas, and we love finding ways to bring your dreams to life beautifully and functionally. We’ve been designing, building, and remodeling Gainesville homes since 1958, and our clients have come to rely on us for the best advice, planning, design, and construction since then. So, if you are ready to start a renovation or remodeling project in your home, be sure to schedule a consultation today for expert advice and design in every room, indoors and out!