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Choosing Your Custom Built Home Exterior Color in Alachua County Florida

Choosing the exterior paint color of your custom house seems pretty straightforward, especially after the more complicated decisions around what features you should include on the inside. However, once you begin looking at different exterior home colors and palettes, things can get a little overwhelming. The amount of variation in white alone will make you want to say, “maybe I’ll get to this tomorrow.” We’re here to make the choice between the most popular exterior house paint choices easier.

White Exterior Custom Home Build Gainesville FL



White is deceivingly varied. It’s a timeless go-to neutral for paint colors both inside and out. Avoid getting overwhelmed by all of the choices by starting with the question of whether you’d like a cool white or a warm white. A cool bluish-white or a yellow-toned soft white will reflect light differently and set the stage for which coordinating colors of trim and stone you should choose. 

White is also an excellent trim color. It defines the architectural elements and frames your house. Painting your house and trimming the same shade of bright white will give your house a glow in the sunlight. 



If you’re a fan of white but don’t really favor the brightness, go for a cream exterior house paint color. Cream-colored exterior paints are also famous for Spanish-style homes because the colors pair beautifully with the terracotta roof and accents. Cream homes with earthy green shutters and stone with shades of brown create a fresh and crisp exterior that still has a restful energy. 



Gray can be much more varied than people think; shifting not only from light to dark but with undertones of yellow or blue. When grays contain a bit of yellow, you'll end up with earthy tones like mushroom, elephant, or mouse gray. Earthy grays are great for coordinating with natural stone on the exterior of your home. Pair them with an off-white or cream trim to really frame and bring out the shade you choose. 

Grays that are mixed with blue are considered cool tones and look sharp with bright white or even charcoal trim, for a more dramatic pairing. The look is sophisticated and modern. Slate gray, shark gray, and dolphin gray are all on the bluish side. All-over charcoal gray is another modern look that has become very popular in the past few years. 

Middle-tone grays have excellent curb appeal and are typically more agreeable with potential buyers putting your home on the market. Use white or white with just a touch of blue on your shutters and trim for a striking look. 


Earth tones

All shades of brown and beige have graced countless homes. They blend well into their surroundings and pair well with lots of different stones and trim colors. Typically, they’re thought of as warm hues but can read as cool when mixed with blue undertones, like ash, for example. 

Greige is a popular neutral that’s one part gray and one part beige. This modern earth tone is typically seen in a mid-range, although it could come in as many shades as its components. 

Earth tones also include muted versions of yellows and greens. A deep yellow tone, like ochre, is a great choice for staying within the earthy neutral family while adding just a little color. Varying tones of sage, olive, and moss also offer a bit of color while staying perfectly grounded in the calming neutral earth tone palette.  


Blues and Greens

Painting your home one of these iterations of an earth tone is a great way to add a pop of color without going too far outside the box. Blues and greens have been popular house color alternatives for years, so they won’t go out of style or feel dated

For either color, you could choose variations that are very light, almost white. Or, choose a middle tone that’s muted. A muted green will contain some brown and sometimes additions of yellow. It’s a really strong earth tone that’s popular across all major house paint brands and blends in beautifully with the outdoor elements. A deeper, moody green will contain some blue while a darker avocado green will have a slightly yellow undertone. Either will be bold but still very agreeable with its surrounding natural elements. 

Blue paint colors can vary between bright, moody, calming, and bold. More popular exterior paint colors lean toward the moody and calming ends of the tonal spectrum. On either end of the spectrum, blue with a gray undertone works very well and neutralizes what could be a little too bold. Indigo, a deep moody color, is striking; while smoke blue with heavier gray tones is on the much lighter end. 


Color Scheme

We’ve discussed a lot about pairing your home’s exterior color with contrasting trim and shutter colors. Of course, you could choose an all-over color, but by choosing a custom color palette for your home’s exterior, you’re setting your home apart from the rest. 

Shutters, trim, stone, and even the roof can all be coordinated. Choose the monochromatic path and select different shades of gray for all of the parts of your home’s exterior. Or, mix it up and use contrasting colors. 

How do you choose a color scheme for the exterior of your house? Start by looking around the neighborhood. To stand out is great, but do you really want to stand out too much? Is there a lot of gray, or more shades of brown and white? You may not want to fall in line with the rest, but it’s at least a good jumping-off point. 


Talk to a Professional

Are you still feeling a little overwhelmed by all the choices? A custom home builder makes for a great resource to consult about the best exterior home colors and coordinating palettes for your project. 

Robinson Renovation and Custom Homes is a design-build firm that serves Alachua County and has for decades. As design-builders, we are knowledgeable and seasoned when it comes to style and color. Contact Robinson Renovation and Custom Homes for a consultation today.