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15 Front Elevation Styles to Inspire Your Gainesville New Home Build

Posted by Bobbie Guthrie on Dec 15, 2020 11:53:00 AM

When you’re building a new custom home in Alachua County, a lot of attention is understandably given to the interior, including the number and configuration of rooms, architectural features, and design elements. However, the exterior of your house is also important, not only for creating visual appeal but also for enhancing your overall property value.

Front Elevation Designs & Styles to Inspire Your New Home Build in Gainesville

As you’re designing a new custom home build in Gainesville, you should carefully consider the exterior and what sort of distinctive look you want to create for your front elevation.


What Is the Front Elevation of a House?

In the building industry, plans often include four or five elevations, including a front, rear, and end elevation, as well as depictions of the attic and/or basement levels. Front elevation refers to how the exterior of your house will look when you’re standing in the middle of your front yard or the sidewalk. The front elevation includes the side of your home with the entrance door, front-facing windows, and your porch, sidewalk, or other outdoor spaces and landscaping. Typically, it is the side of your house that is facing the road, although that’s not exclusively the case.

As a new homeowner, you may choose to invest in designing a grand or attractive front exterior both for your own enjoyment while residing on the property and to establish curb appeal for future sale. Even if you plan to live in your new Gainesville home for the foreseeable future, the style of your front elevation gives your home its unique personality and can even affect your quality of life through the inclusion of outdoor living spaces and inviting landscaping.


Classic & Contemporary Elevation Designs

Just as with the interior, you can customize the design of your front elevation however you want. Your only limitations are the size of your house and the entire lot. In certain neighborhoods, homeowners’ associations may also place restrictions and guidelines on residential exteriors.

As you work with your design-build contractor on drawing plans for your new custom home, here are a few front elevation ideas to consider incorporating into your design for a distinctive look:


1. Chic Luxury

For a sophisticated vibe, focus on balance and symmetry by lining up windows and balconies to create harmony throughout your front elevation design. Combining wood and white can elevate the overall chic appeal of your look, although grey and stone also add a dash of serenity to urban environments. Install sanded wood stairs and a comfortable seating area for a front elevation that combines modern and traditional elements.

Chic Luxury - 10 Front Elevation Styles to Inspire Your New Home Build | RRCH, Inc.


2. Embracing Vertical Design

If your home style is decidedly tall and vertical, it is often better to embrace the look with simplistic styling, rather than trying to work around it. Integrating vertical lines into your balcony and tall columns also highlights the height of the building for a unique and attractive look.


3. Modern Minimalism

Modern house elevations often incorporate a sense of minimalism that looks clean and inviting. For this design style, you could include a simple yet stylish balcony or use concrete, slatted wood, and glass to create a cascade of layers. Additionally, LED spot and track lighting for potted plants, walls, and ceilings provide an extra touch of innovation and modernity.

Modern Minimalism - 10 Front Elevation Styles to Inspire Your New Home Build | RRCH, Inc.


4. Geometric Emphasis

If you want to create cohesion in your design, it can help to select a specific geometric element to integrate, such as elegant straight lines, circles, or squares. Using square columns to frame an open balcony or circular windows and sphere-shaped sculptures adorns your home’s façade in an exquisitely simple way.


5. A Taste of the English Countryside

If you prefer a home with a more classic appeal, consider creating a front elevation design reminiscent of an English countryside manor. Capture historic charm for your transitional split-level home with a centralized front entryway, manicured lawn, French windows, and rustic walkway lined with flowers.

English Countryside - 10 Front Elevation Styles to Inspire Your New Home Build | RRCH, Inc.


6. Cape Cod Style

The Cape Cod-style is another classic look for a new home build. Consider designing your front elevation with blue painted brick and white dormer windows. Other timeless, Cape Cod-influenced elements include mixed siding, a gable roof, and shutters painted white or with a blue hue.


7. Modern Log Cabin

If you have a bit of rustic property on which to build your new custom home, you may be drawn toward the creation of a modern log cabin. These structures tend to be sleek while still retaining a slightly rugged flair through the use of native and natural materials, such as wood logs, panels, or stone siding. A log farmhouse with gables and a wraparound deck is also an iconic residential façade.

Modern Log Cabin - 10 Front Elevation Styles to Inspire Your New Home Build | RRCH, Inc.


8. Going Green

Adding greenery can elevate the front façade of any style of home. You simply must determine what will best complement the rest of the design. On a modern home, integrate a line of green shrubs and plants on top of the building to contrast white and tan colors in the exterior. Take the greenery concept to the next level with a full rooftop garden. Hanging planters, flower boxes, and creeping ferns are other ways to incorporate all-natural verdant accents into your front elevation. For a tropical oasis in an urban environment, utilize wooden pool decking, bamboo shutters, wild tussocks, and palm trees.


9. Highlight Outdoor Living

Front Elevation House Example

An integral part of designing a cohesive, attractive front elevation at your new home in Alachua County is figuring out how outdoor living spaces fit visually into the picture. If you have different levels of patios, add lighting to make them interesting and consider accessorizing each area with different types of outdoor furnishings and dĂ©cor to delineate their distinct functions. Large, open-framed windows and glass railings are attractive options for a contemporary house elevation, especially if you’ve got a good view.


10. Segue with the Slope

Even if you’re building your new Gainesville home on a sloped site, you can work it to your advantage. For landscaping, consider installing a wooden and stone gate that opens onto platforms paved in pebbles and lined with plants that lead up to the front entrance of your home over a slope. A waterfall-style home can also complement a sloped property and look quite stunning.


11. Mediterranean Vibe

The Mediterranean elevation style has smooth finishes and rarely features gabled. The shallow roofline is complemented by tall, arching doorways and columns. Balconies are a common feature in this house elevation style, making someone feel as if they are looking out over the sparkling Mediterranean Sea from a Spanish villa. If it is time to renovate your home and you love this look, ask your home designer if you could incorporate some elements into the design. This elevation design can fit both a classic and a contemporary design, depending on how you implement it.


12. Traditional Home Elevation

While traditional can sometimes be boring, it can also be an attractive option when you implement some modern design elements to it, but first, you must understand what it is. The traditional home elevation is known for its standard 45-degree roof pitch, front porches, and stoops, repeating tables, and overall symmetry. This style makes one feel like you are coming home to a traditional American family. If you already have a traditional style home elevation, working with it instead of against it is a great way to control project costs during your renovation project.


13. Classic Craftsman

Another option to consider is the Craftsman style. Like some house elevations, this one is particularly easy to spot. The thick, tapered columns and deep front porches make this style stand out, but it is far from overdone. There are many takes on the Craftsman style that you can get quite creative with it while keeping the design elements in place. Organic materials, like stone or exposed beams, are typical of this look. Keep in mind that you can extend the Craftsman style into the home’s interior, making it a great plan if you are building a custom home or performing a full-house renovation inside and out.


14. Rustic Barndominium Charm

If you’re looking for something eclectic and rustically modern, consider a barndominium. The barndominium takes a contemporary look at the traditional barn-style home. They look like an actual barn, sometimes even with metal framing, but they house a beautiful home inside. Gambrel roofing is a common theme to this style, and many of the barndominium homes have sprawling front porches.


15. Accessible Home Elevations

One factor to consider when weighing the different home elevation styles available to you is accessibility. Many homeowners opt to remodel in hopes of creating a space where they can age in place, and keeping everything, including the exterior, accessible is important. Eliminating stairways or narrow doorways can help make a home work for your entire life, not just right now.


Newly Constructed Homes in Gainesville Offer Elevation Choices

When you’re building a new home in Alachua County, you have the opportunity to personalize both the interior and exterior of the property to suit your tastes. At Robinson Renovation and Custom Homes, our design team can help you explore various front elevation styles that match your personality but also complement the surrounding neighborhood where you’re building your new custom home.


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