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10 Upcoming Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2021

Posted by Bobbie Guthrie on Aug 27, 2020 10:53:00 AM

Cabinets comprise the bulk of your kitchen composition and set the tone for the rest of the design aesthetic and spatial arrangement. When you’re remodeling your kitchen in Alachua County, it’s worth taking time to nail down exactly how you want your cabinetry to look and function so it has the right impact and doesn't have anything outdated in it.

As a result of advanced technology and changing tastes in recent years, the variety of cabinet styles available on the market is larger than ever. In 2021, the overall trend is going to continue to focus on personalization and creating a space that’s unique to your lifestyle.

Upcoming Kitchen Cabinet Trends


Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2021

If you’re building a new custom home or remodeling your kitchen in Alachua County, it doesn’t hurt to know what kitchen cabinet styles, colors, and functions are growing in demand. Incorporating a few of these kitchen cabinet ideas into your design enables you to create a fresh, trendy space that is both practical and attractive. Here are some popular kitchen cabinet trends to consider when renovating:


1. A New NeutralNeutral toned cabinets in Gainesville

It used to be that all-white kitchens were the rage. While that is still a safe design choice, other neutral palettes are beginning to compete with white. For a striking and modern look, all-black kitchens with matte cabinets are a new trend that promise to continue strong in the coming years. One tip when going in this bold direction: Keep the rest of the design simple and use limited finishes. You can even go handle-free on your cabinets. If you want a neutral space that’s a little softer but still sophisticated, go with gray, which is also increasing in popularity.

Metallic toned cabinets in Gainesville


2. Metallic Tones

When it comes to material and surface trends for kitchen components in 2021, metallic shades—such as gold, copper, and stainless steel—are stylish choices for accents and hardware, including door handles and hinges on cabinets.


3. Daring ColorsBold colors on kitchen cabinets

Neutrals used to be the recommendation for designing kitchens because they have a general appeal and make your home more sellable in the future. However, neutrals are starting to feel a bit worn out, giving rise to a desire for vibrant, saturated colors used deliberately and tastefully. Popular colors for kitchens designs in 2021 are likely to be various shades of blues and greens, including navy blue, petrol blue, forest green, dark teal, neo mint, moss, sage green, and baby blue.


4. Two-Toned CabinetsTwo-toned kitchen cabinets

Two-toned cabinets allow you to play around with different palettes and combine two of your favorite materials, finishes, or colors as long as they complement one another. Often this style is executed by using one tone for the top cabinets and another for the bottom. Some popular combinations include cement or raw wood with a matte-colored surface, black and a warm neutral, warm white with a cool gray (or white with virtually any rich color), black and gold, or gray and a natural wood.


5. Tactile SurfacesTactile surfaces trends for kitchen cabinets

Another 2021 kitchen trend will be designs that incorporate textured materials and tactile surfaces that are more interesting and artistic. For example, for industrial style kitchens, which are expected to be big in the coming year, textured concrete surfaces in different shades are a popular choice. This style is also dominated by steel elements and hardwood or LVP flooring to complete the intentionally gritty, yet intriguing interior.


6. Space-Saving SolutionsKitchen cabinets with space saving solutions

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, you are not restricted to standard sizes and configurations. You can design customized cabinets that incorporate a diverse collection of interior drawers and modules that allow you to efficiently organize and store every element in your kitchen. From appliance garages to drawers with various depths and dividers, you can customize cabinetry to your heart’s delight to make using your kitchen more convenient and enjoyable in the future. Additionally, modern cabinetry is being designed to keep you connected to your technology by incorporating charging stations, device holders, and docking stations.


7. Open ShelvingOpen shelving as a trend for kitchen cabinets

Installing open shelves instead of top cabinets is also trending this year and expected to be big in 2021 as well. Although open shelving is especially suitable as a complement to rustic and farmhouse cabinet styles, you can use it with any kitchen aesthetic to display heirloom pieces, a matching dinnerware set, stunning glassware, and other decorations. Not only does this feature augment the open, airy feel of a small space, but it also increases efficiency as you won't have to go searching through drawers and enclosed shelves to find the supplies and utensils you’re looking for.


8. Hidden HandlesHidden handles on kitchen cabinets

With modern kitchen cabinetry, you can further achieve the associated clean and minimalist look by going handle-free or using sleek alternatives. There are several mechanisms to use for handle-less cabinets, such as touch-to-open units or a channel that runs along the top or side of the door. You’ll also find contemporary-style cabinets have smooth edge profiles and are free of ornate design work.


9. Oak Wood CabinetryOak wood kitchen cabinetry

For the past several years, cherry, maple, and engineered wood have reigned over kitchen cabinet construction. Now, oak cabinets are making a comeback with their texture, dimension, and neutral color. Whether painted, stained, or left raw, oak is a versatile material that can be layered with a wide variety of other finishes and colors within several different kitchen design styles, including rustic, French cottage, coastal, and craftsman.


10. Under-Cabinet LightingUnder-cabinet lighting in Gainesville kitchen

Another popular trend for 2021 is under-cabinet lighting to help illuminate your working area and enhance the overall ambience of your kitchen in Alachua County. Depending on your kitchen design style, you can choose from bars, strips, and pucks for your lighting. Although LED lights are the most common for under-cabinet fixtures, you can opt instead for xenon or fluorescent light.


Remodeling Your Kitchen in Gainesville, Florida

If you’re preparing to renovate your kitchen in Gainesville or the surrounding area, a good place to start is with your kitchen cabinets. Once you’ve selected the style, colors, and configuration for your cabinetry, you will have an easier time developing your overall design aesthetic and choosing complementary materials and finishes for your other kitchen components, such as the flooring, tile back splash, and appliances. If personalization is a high priority in your kitchen remodel in Alachua County, Robinson Renovation and Custom Home’s design-build process–not to mention our wide range of renovation services—is a natural fit for your project.


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