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Do You Need a Permit For Your Remodel in Alachua County?

Your builder should take the lead on the proper permitting and inspections necessary to keep your project on the up and up. Just like anything else involved in your project, it’s a good idea to learn about building permits and inspections for your new home or home remodel in Alachua County, nonetheless. So let’s take a crash course on building permits. 

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How Do I Know if My Home Is Properly Permitted?

When you buy a home, it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that every legal step has been taken. Unfortunately, not every homeowner goes through the proper permitting process when making improvements or adding structures to an existing property. The good news is that it’s as easy as typing in your address into the Alachua County Building division’s database to pull your home’s permit records and make sure that your home, as it is, is accounted for in your county. 


What Home Renovations Require a Permit in Florida?

The list of home improvement projects that require a permit can differ from state to state. The good news is the list is straightforward enough on the Alachua County Building Department website. A good rule of thumb is remodeling, adding a structure, building an addition, or any project that could alter the electric, gas, or plumbing systems of your home, will require a permit. 

When you are interviewing prospective home builders, be sure to ask about their process for obtaining a permit. Their answer will tell you if they go through the proper channels to get a permit for your renovation. 


What Projects Can a Homeowner Complete Without a Permit?

Based on the list of remodeling and building projects that require a permit, only smaller repair and remodeling jobs can be done without a permit. This could be replacing your cabinets in your kitchen, reflooring your bathroom, painting, or replacing your fixtures without changing your plumbing system. When in doubt, contact the building department for the area you reside in. It’s always best to be certain to avoid any legal trouble in the future, paying fines, or even demolishing your project. 


How Much Will a Building or Remodeling Permit Cost?

The cost of your permit will depend on the project. The Building Division’s online fee schedule offers a comprehensive list of fees. However, to avoid any misunderstandings or unexpected costs, contact the Alachua County Building Division directly, or talk to your home builder to get a better understanding. Whether you speak to someone at the Building Division or your professional builder, you’ll take the guesswork out of approximating your fees. 


How Do I Get a Building Permit?

If you’re wondering how to get a building permit for an addition or remodel for your home, this will also depend on the project. Constructing a driveway, adding onto your home, or building a new home will require different steps and necessary drawings and documents. This could mean construction drawings, an entire set of plans, or a site plan for your property. 

Regardless of your project, your permit will be valid for 180 days. If your project is delayed for any reason and doesn’t begin until after that window, you or your builder will have to reapply. Fortunately, Alachua County uses a pre-application screening software that allows you to apply for a building permit, check your permit status, schedule inspections, and register for a license. 


What Happens After My Project is Permitted?

Now that your project is properly permitted, expect your builder to be in contact with licensed building inspectors throughout your project. Having building inspectors checking in on your project at different stages will ensure that your home is meeting the standards and codes as they’re outlined in the permit. 


What Happens If I Remodel My Home Without a Permit?

Remodeling without a permit is a bad idea. Perhaps you didn’t check with the proper government office to see if your project needed a permit, or you hired a builder that doesn’t take the proper steps when preparing for your remodel. Per the Alachua County Building Division website, you could be fined the cost of the permit in addition to having to go through the required steps and paying the permitting fee. Also, be sure that your builder posts the permit on your property during the entire project period. 


Hire a Remodeling and Building Professional From the Start

The permitting process can be complex, so you’ll want to be sure you’re hiring a home builder and remodeler that knows how to navigate the steps. Robinson Renovation and Custom Homes is experienced and always takes the proper steps to make sure your project is properly permitted to avoid unwanted fees or delays. Contact Robinson Renovation and Custom Homes for any questions you may have and to talk about your home remodeling project today.