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How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take in Alachua County? [Updated 2021]

Posted by Bobbie Guthrie on Apr 23, 2021 11:19:00 AM

No matter how much you love your home in Alachua County, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to upgrade the space every now and then. If your kitchen has become outdated, is no longer functional for your family, or has simply lost its aesthetic appeal, it may be time for a renovation.

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take in Alachua County_

Remodeling your Florida kitchen has both tangible and intangible benefits: It will increase your home’s overall value, in addition to supporting a healthier, happier lifestyle. Research shows individuals and families who have recently renovated their kitchen tend to spend more time hanging out as a family, preparing homemade meals, and hosting social events with friends and family. After all, there’s something deeply satisfying about being in a kitchen with fresh finishes and fixtures, new appliances, and an overall up-to-date feel.


How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

Whether the purpose of your kitchen renovation in Alachua County is to improve your life or to add value to your home, it won’t happen overnight. The average time for a custom kitchen remodel is about two months, with different projects ranging from six to 12 weeks depending on the size of your kitchen, as well as the complexity and scope of the project. If you’re upgrading your kitchen but maintaining the existing footprint, the job will take substantially less time than if you are expanding or completely reconfiguring the layout of your kitchen. Full kitchen renovations—which include changing the service locations of your plumbing and electrical wiring and rearranging your major kitchen components—typically take three months or so to complete. Make sure you ask enough questions so you can figure out a realistic timeframe!

When it comes to kitchen renovations, there are several moving parts that impact the average kitchen remodel schedule. Your contractor has to coordinate with plumbers, electricians and other subcontractors who all work together to complete your project. The availability of labor and materials can also affect the process. Here is a closer look at a typical kitchen remodeling timeline in central Florida and what you can expect at each stage:


1. Researching and Budgeting

All kitchen renovation projects technically start before you bring your contractor on board. You first have to decide what you are looking for, set your project priorities, and differentiate between what you need versus what you want. In addition to identifying an end-goal or overarching vision, you have to determine what you’re willing and able to spend on the project. During this phase, do research on typical costs for materials and appliances and ask for kitchen remodel quotes so you can start developing a realistic budget.

Finally, you need to find a qualified contractor in Florida to handle your kitchen remodel. Some contractors may be booked out several months in advance, so it’s important to be proactive researching and interviewing potential contractors and selecting one to work with.


2. Designing and Planning

Once you’ve hired a remodeling team in Gainesville, you’ll start working with design specialists to plan your project. The team will consult with you and gather your goals and ideas to determine a preliminary budget and timeline. During this phase of the renovation process, you have a chance to further nail down specifics and select various styles, features, colors and materials to incorporate into your kitchen remodel design.

The design specialist will coordinate with the project superintendent who will meet with you, likely at your home in Alachua County. With a better understanding of your space, they can plan ahead to ensure the kitchen remodel goes smoothly. It is the project superintendent’s responsibility to order materials, pull the necessary permits and line up trade partners to handle various aspects of the renovation. Additionally, throughout the project, your superintendent acts as your agent to advocate for your family and ensure your home stays a home, not merely a job site.


3. Kitchen Remodeling Construction

Now that planning is complete, it’s time for your remodeling team to start working on-site to remodel your Gainesville kitchen. Again, the timeline for this portion of the project can vary significantly depending on the different tasks involved. In general, if you’re doing a midrange renovation, you can expect it to take about five to eight weeks. During a majority of this time, you will have limited access to your kitchen, but don't worry. Your superintendent will have already worked with you to make your home as inhabitable and comfortable during the remodel as possible. In many cases, that involves setting up a temporary kitchen in the garage or another available space.

Step one is demolition, which typically takes three to four days. Your remodeling team will remove old flooring, countertops and cabinetry, so you can expect a lot of noise and dust during this period. However, this is not your stereotypical DIY Network demolition where construction workers go in swinging sledgehammers to indiscriminately demolish the space. Our team at Robinson Renovation & Custom Homes takes a highly surgical approach to demolition, which starts with “dust proofing” the area. We bring in air scrubbers and set up temporary zip walls to minimize and contain dust. We also cover vents in the renovation area to prevent dust and debris from clogging your HVAC system.

Next, our team will work on the electrical layout, which takes another few days. One of the most time-consuming parts of a kitchen remodel is the flooring, cabinet and countertop installation. These projects typically take about two to three weeks, depending on whether you’ve selected custom or stock products. Then, your team will finalize electrical systems, connect plumbing, set up lighting, and install your appliances, which generally takes another week or so. Then it’s time for the finishing touches, such as installing your custom kitchen backsplash, painting and adding other cosmetic design elements.

At this point, your contractor will schedule a final inspection and walk-through of your Alachua County kitchen. If you notice any issues, they will do final touch-ups and detailing before you sign off on the project. All of this should be accomplished in approximately a week or less.

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How to Help Expedite a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling in Gainesville, Florida, is a process. You don’t want to rush it and create waste as a result. However, there are certain steps you can do to help prevent unnecessary delays that lead to financial ramifications as well.

In order to have the most efficient process possible, it’s important to establish a clear budget and confirm all product specifications with your construction team before demolition starts. Once construction begins, requesting change orders means having to order new materials and potentially reschedule trade partners. While change orders are sometimes necessary, you want to limit them.

The time of year that you remodel your kitchen may also affect the schedule. Late spring and early summer are busy seasons for the construction industry, so materials may take longer to arrive or your contractor could be working on several projects. Since kitchen renovations take place indoors, weather is not as big of a factor, which means autumn may also be a prime time for home remodeling in Gainesville, Florida.


Remodeling Your Florida Kitchen

Kitchen remodels can be complex and time-consuming, although the work itself pays off in the end. If you want to have confidence your kitchen remodel will be accomplished on time and on budget, you need to carefully select a Florida contractor to lead your team. Whether you’re aiming for a small, midrange or upscale kitchen remodel in Alachua County, Robinson Renovation & Custom Homes will approach your project with precision, integrity and attention to detail. Our design-build team can help you develop a realistic budget and timeline and stick to them on our way to delivering you the kitchen remodel you envision.


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