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14 Upcoming Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2024

When embarking on a kitchen remodel in Alachua County, it's essential to consider the latest kitchen cabinet trends for 2024, as cabinets are a significant aspect of both style and investment. The current kitchen cabinet trends, including kitchen cabinet color ideas in 2024, play a crucial role in ensuring your kitchen remains contemporary and avoids looking outdated.

While exploring kitchen design ideas, it's important to balance indulging in the latest kitchen trends with practical kitchen cabinet ideas that will stand the test of time. With kitchen trends in 2024 on the horizon, staying informed about what's new and popular, as well as the enduring styles, will help in creating a kitchen that's both fashionable and functional.

modern kitchen with light wood slab cabinets and fluted wood

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2024

If you’re building a new custom home or remodeling your kitchen in Alachua County, learn about the kitchen cabinet styles, colors, and layouts that are growing in demand. Incorporating a few of these kitchen cabinet ideas into your design enables you to create a fresh, trendy space that is both practical and looks great. Here are some popular kitchen cabinet trends to consider:


1. Cool Blues: Kitchen Paint Colors of the Year

In 2024 home design, particularly in kitchen spaces, is embracing cooler colors, with kitchen cabinet colors gravitating towards tranquil blues. Brands like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams are leading this shift with shades like Blue Nova and Upward, hailed as some of the best cabinet paint options. If you favor teal kitchen cabinets, Minwax's Bay Blue is a wood stain that imparts richness without the sheen of paint. These serene hues are perfect for creating harmonious, visually appealing spaces, complementing natural wood kitchen islands and modern aesthetics. This trend in cabinet colors reflects a broader movement towards calming, soothing palettes. Kitchen cabinets in this palette ensure a peaceful retreat feel, pivotal in current home design trends.


2. Aging-in-Place Cabinet Features

Aging-in-place design is increasingly pivotal in home remodeling. This thoughtful approach incorporates features like pull-out shelving, pull-down shelving, built-in appliances in the lower cabinets, and large cabinet hardware for an easier grasp. These modifications make homes safer and more comfortable for seniors, catering to their long-term needs. This growing trend in aging-in-place kitchen cabinet design enables homeowners to safely and comfortably stay in their homes as they age, reflecting a commitment to inclusive and accessible home design.


3. Add Texture With Fluted Cabinet Doors

Using texture is another way to add interest and personality to your kitchen in 2024. The upward trend of fluted cabinet doors reads as sophisticated and artful. This trend includes fluted wood cabinets, which are quickly gaining popularity for their unique texture and visual appeal. Fluted kitchen cabinets offer an elegant twist to the traditional cabinet design, making them a standout feature with an Art Deco twist.

The ribbed detail of fluted cabinet doors not only adds depth to the overall aesthetic but also brings a tactile element to the space. The fluted design comes in several variations, which your designer can help you sift through to find your perfect form. If you'd like to lean into this design trend while limiting the surface area it covers, consider replacing the cabinet doors of your built-in bar, walk-in pantry, or butler's pantry with this trending style. 


4. Two-Toned Cabinets

We know, we know. The two-toned kitchen cabinet trend has graced the top kitchen cabinet trends lists for a few years, but it's worth mentioning again. Falling in line with the first trend on our list, combine a trending tone with natural wood for a vibrant yet inviting palette in your kitchen. If you haven't partaken in this trend yet, you can work with your design-build remodeler or custom home builder to choose the best configuration for your kitchen. For example, use a bold color on your lower cabinets while using a neutral wood tone on your uppers. Or, use a neutral on your perimeter cabinets while adding a pop of color to your island. Take it a step further with a third color on your countertops. Black or green marble or butcher block surfaces add more interest and personalization. 


5. Glass-Front Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinets with glass doors offer a sleek and contemporary look. These glass door cabinets are not just about style; they serve as a charming display, showcasing fine china, your favorite glassware, treasured cookbooks, or decorative items. With glass kitchen cabinets, homeowners can create an open, airy feel in their kitchens, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. This trend elevates the kitchen to a space of elegance, seamlessly integrating storage with visual artistry. Incorporating lighting within the cabinet to create a glow in the kitchen serves as both an aesthetically pleasing detail and just enough light to grab a midnight snack without turning on the overhead lights. 

You could also apply this trend with fluted glass doors, merging two 2024 trends into one. Fluted glass offers a bit of discretion as to what is behind the semi-translucent glass, allowing you to avoid stringent organization behind the cabinet door. 


6. Smart Storage Solutions

Custom kitchen cabinets avoid that awkward dead-space problem we all experience. It helps to maximize useful space and create storage that’s custom to your specific kitchen needs. Lower cabinet drawers that are deep enough for pots, slide-out shelving for easy access, appliance garages, in-cabinet outlets, charging stations, and built-in drawer dividers are smart and easy storage options that will make the most use of your kitchen cabinets.

Don’t forget your walk-in pantry or even a butler’s pantry to create more storage and prep space. In a butler’s pantry, you can add a second sink, create custom storage for serving ware and small appliances, and have an out-of-sight space for used dishes. Your walk-in pantry should include both closed cabinets and open shelving with tracks for pull-out baskets to make the most of your space. 


7. Embrace Warmth with the Pantone Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz

If your color preferences lean more toward warm tones, the Pantone color of 2024 is the cozy and uplifting Peach Fuzz. This color embraces earthiness, reminiscent of the popular terra cotta paint colors of 2022 and 2023. Alternatives include Persimmon and Dark Auburn, two paint colors of 2024 by Sherwin Williams. Incorporating these colors into kitchen designs along with off-whites and creams can add a cozy yet sophisticated touch. 


8. Mixed-Metal Cabinet Hardware

What's on the horizon for kitchen cabinet trends in 2024, especially regarding hardware finishes? The art of mixing metal tones within a single space is a staple in current kitchen cabinet trends. To achieve a look that's both stylish and cohesive, the key lies in pairing complementary metal tones. For instance, matte black and brushed brass, or polished chrome with copper, are excellent choices. These combinations offer enough contrast to create interest without clashing, aligning perfectly with the latest kitchen trends. As you explore kitchen cabinet ideas for 2024 with your design-build team, consider how blending different metal finishes can add a refined and modern flair to your kitchen space.


9. Deep, Dark, and Moody

Why are we including so many colors on this list for the top kitchen cabinet paint colors in 2024? Because the colors of the year touch on so many contrasting hues, each homeowner could resonate with one and despise another. On the darker side of the color spectrum, Cracked Pepper by Behr evokes a near-black charcoal that adds a soft and cozy feel. It's also very agreeable, fitting in well with many design styles. To avoid making your kitchen feel too heavy or cold, paint the lower cabinets this deep, dark gray and use a natural medium wood tone on your uppers. It also works very well on the island, while keeping the parameter cabinets a much lighter hue for a stunning contrast. 


10. Cohesive Cabinets with Integrated Appliances

In the 2024 kitchen trends, panel-ready appliances, or integrated appliances, are gaining prominence. These appliances, designed to blend seamlessly with cabinetry, are in line with the current kitchen cabinet trends that emphasize a sleek, cohesive look. This shift towards luxury and customization reflects the latest kitchen trends and design ideas, moving away from industrial styles towards a more timeless appeal. Panel-ready appliances cater to the evolving kitchen space, which now extends into living areas in open-plan homes. Adopting this trend, while an investment, aligns with kitchen cabinet ideas for 2024, marrying functionality with style for a harmonious home design.


11. White Oak Cabinetry

In 2024, white oak cabinets are emerging as a prominent trend in kitchen cabinet design. These wood kitchen cabinets, known for their durability and timeless appeal, are making a significant comeback, particularly in the form of light wood kitchen cabinets. The natural, light tones of white oak cabinets offer a fresh and airy feel to the kitchen, perfectly complementing both contemporary and traditional aesthetics. The resurgence of wood kitchen cabinets, especially in the light and subtly warm hues of white oak, reflects a growing preference for natural materials that bring a sense of calm and warmth to the heart of the home.


12. Appliance Drawers and Cabinets

Appliances don’t have to be front and center in your kitchen in 2024. Include appliance drawers that might conceal your freezer or dishwasher, rather than out for all to see. You can also add cabinet fronts that cover your appliances but have doors that lift out of the way when needed. These types of kitchen cabinets create a more streamlined kitchen appearance without hurting the functionality of your space.


13. Cabinet Lighting Accents

Overhead light fixtures are just the start of your custom lighting plan. In 2024, more designers and homeowners are realizing the aesthetic appeal and practicality of cabinet lighting. Consider lighting installed inside cabinets behind glass front doors, under-cabinet lighting beneath the upper cabinets, or lighting along the floor beneath the lower cabinets. In the case of under-cabinet lighting, both below the upper or lower cabinets, this extra light source offers safety. Inner-cabinet lighting offers a soft glow for just enough light in the kitchen after the sun goes down. 


14. Slab-Front Cabinets

While Shaker cabinet fronts are still going strong, designers are including more slab-front cabinets in kitchen remodels, especially in 2024. These no-frills cabinet and drawer fronts offer a clean slate to allow other design elements to shine in the kitchen. Homeowners may feel like these cabinet fronts read as too contemporary, but slab-front cabinets work well with many kitchen design styles. A bonus? They're also easier to refinish if you're prone to updating your cabinet color every few years. 


Remodeling Your Kitchen in Gainesville, Florida

If you’re preparing to renovate your kitchen in the Gainesville area, it makes sense to focus on the design of your kitchen cabinets. Once you’ve selected the style, colors, and configuration for your cabinetry, you will have an easier time developing your overall design aesthetic and choosing complementary materials and finishes for your flooring, backsplash, and light fixtures. If personalization is a high priority in your kitchen remodel in Alachua County, Robinson Renovation and Custom Home’s design-build process–not to mention our wide range of renovation services—is a natural fit for your project. Contact us today to schedule a consultation